Rugs For Sale: Good Rugs for Good Homes

At any given time we have San Diego clients looking to give their rugs a new home, and others looking buy “real” rugs instead of the ones they are seeing today in the mass market retail stores.

We do not charge a commission for any sales, only a minimal posting fee, because we are not a showroom gallery. We are so busy with washing and repairing rugs, that having a staffed sales room in our store is not possible. Instead we evaluate the rugs, take high resolution photos, and virtually share them with interested parties.

Some people are wary of listing oriental and Persian rugs for sale through the popular online sales sites, because they do not want strangers coming to their home. We keep your contact details off-line, and when someone is interested in your rug, we coordinate the communication and also allow you to bring your rug to our facility as the meeting place with the potential buyer.

We have listings of rugs of all ages (antique to contemporary), of all styles (tribal geometric to city floral), of all colors, and from every weaving country on the planet. We group these rugs by the following size groups: SMALL RUGS (up to 4’x6′), MEDIUM RUGS (4’x6′ to 6’x9′), RUNNERS, LARGE RUGS (6’x9′ to 9’x12′), and OVERSIZED RUGS (larger than 9’x12′).

If you are looking to BUY a rug, then please fill out the comment form to let us know what size(s) you need, and we will email you a link to the online Evernote folder with the collection of the rugs currently listed with us. (This is an online file storage service where we can continually add and remove rugs and provide shoppers with real time listings of available rugs.)

If you are looking to SELL a rug, then please fill out the comment form to coordinate a time to bring the rug in for photographs and evaluation, and the cost for that service.

Please, local residents only. Please, no drop-in’s to see rugs without an appointment (most are not located in our facility, so we will be directing you to our lobby “rugs for sale” book or will be emailing you photos).

Happy Rug Shopping!