• Why Wool Is The Best Rug Fiber

    When anyone asks me the best type of rug to buy, I don’t choose a country, I choose a FIBER. And the best fiber to have a rug made out of is wool. A weaver crafting a wool rug by hand, one knot at a time: WOOL IS THE KING OF RUG FIBERS, FOR MANY

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  • ‘Tis the Season. (For rug spills!)

    From Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year’s Eve, we get a boost in Rug 9-1-1 calls because of spills from red wine to soda to food to pet puddles. Here are some tips for your holiday “accidents.” RUG FIRST-AID TIPS Wool has a natural repellency to both water and oils, so anything that spills on

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  • Breathtaking Ardabil Rug at LA Museum

    A 16th century masterpiece, considered as one of the two greatest Persian rugs in existence, can be viewed this summer at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Here’s an article about this magical textile and some incredible photos: CLICK HERE LA Times Article on  Ardabil Rug At 800 knots per square inch, this rug

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