We have done our utmost to provide timely and accurate educational guidance on the care of oriental and area rugs based on our decades of experience in this field. We are also sharing our own personal opinions about what the best practices are in our field, as well as our own opinions about particular rugs we love… and do not love.

That said, our advice and opinions are not meant to be a substitute for seeking out your own professional rug care company for the maintenance and/or restoration of your textiles in your own city. Your rugs have their own unique history and conditions. Rugs are not the same – and their care is not a one-size-fits-all formula.

Be sure you test fibers and dye stability before doing anything significant to your rug, as it may cause damage that could be irreversible.

So while we will do our best to help educate you on choosing the best rug for your home, and caring for it properly, and provide some tips that you can perform on your own, please seek out a professional cleaner when the situation warrants.

If you would like some suggestions for your rug, or a recommendation of a rug cleaning professional in your region if you are not in the San Diego area, then feel free to email Lisa at

We hope you enjoy the information we are sharing with you on this website!