Folding larger rugs to bring in for cleaning.

Most rugs that are in good condition can be folded short-term to make them a size that can easily fit in most vehicles. After you have received your estimate from us for cleaning, if you want to bring your rug in on your own, here is some guidance to help.

This 9×12 rug can be folded in thirds to fit in most trunks or on a back seat of a sedan.

Ideally, when a rug is clean and the pile is perfectly groomed, delivering it rolled properly allows for the best look when it is put back into your home.

When a rug is dirty, folding them can be a quick way to bring them in if you do not want to use a pickup service, or do not want to borrow a friend’s big truck.

Many of our clients bring in their rugs on their own but pay for the delivery service. This way a team bring their rugs back properly rolled to lay them out, place on pads, and put the furniture back into place.

If you are wanting to bring in your large dirty rugs for care, here are the steps to create a small shape that is easier to handle on a dolly or with some helpers to lift and load up.

Room size rug.

Determine the bottom end and the top end if your rug has a fuzzy pile. Pet the rug to determine when you are petting WITH the pile direction, or AGAINST the pile direction. When petting WITH the direction, this takes your hand to the BOTTOM end of your rug. You will roll the rug from this end in step 3.

STEP 1 – Fold one side toward the middle.

STEP 2 – Fold the other side toward the middle.

STEP 3 – From the bottom end, bring the end up about half way.

STEP 4 – Start your roll, do not force it.

STEP 5 – Most good condition, fine quality weaves will create a nice manageable roll.

If you have trouble creating a manageable roll, or if something seems wrong with folding your rug (it feels fragile, or does not easily fold over) – give us a call and send us photos, and we can give you advice or arrange a pickup service to come help you with removing your rug rolled instead of folded, and they can help with your furniture as well.

Give us a call at 858-566-3833 with any questions, or send a message through our CONTACT form. Thank you!