Cool Rug Friday: Hooked Rug


It’s COOL RUG Friday! 🙂

This week the rug that made my heart smile was a little piece shipped in to us for some care.

In between the two world wars there was a domestic “art” movement in US and UK households of rug making. “Hooked” rug making has been around since the mid-1800’s, however, household creations became widespread during this period of the 1900’s as people made rugs for use, rugs for decor, and rugs for a creative outlet.

Between the wars you saw a number of rugs hooked on a burlap or canvas fabric. Thin strips of fabric would be hooked into that fabric, which was stretched out on a frame. This type of production was called “hooked” rugs, or “poked” rugs, as the fabric was pushed through the fabric with hooking tools. This creates a looped front side to the rugs.

What I love about these rugs, when they come in, is that these are always rugs with a story.

Most rugs out in the world no one knows “who” made them.

In this case, with these rugs, it has been a family member or friend. It always makes me happy when someone is trying to preserve a creation made by someone they know, or knew. It is a way of honoring and appreciating someone’s creative heart.

This little piece is one of several created by the grandmother of our client’s husband, made in the 1940’s. The grandmother has passed away, however, her rugs have found family members who want to continue to enjoy her artistry.

This rug maker worked as a seamstress, and you can see that experienced eye which helped her to put quite a lovely mix of texture and color choices in this little gem. It is like sitting in a wonderful little garden.

I love the marbling, the blending of colors in the central area of this piece, and these bold, happy flowers.

I have seen in the news lately a resurgence of hooked rug making, quilt making, needlepoint, and other hand crafts. During this pandemic when many are homebound and times are tough for most, having something to focus on to take your mind off of “stuff” and into a creative outlet, is something I think we all can relate to.

When these wartime period pieces visit us, that’s what I think about. Someone trying to create some beauty in the midst of times that were likely very tough for most.

And that makes my heart smile. I hope this rug makes your heart smile too.

Have a wonderful day,


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